November 2021 Alma, Québec CA

METRA Group keeps on growing: in the first days of November, the Canadian subsidiary METRA Aluminum Inc, has indeed completed the acquisition of the former Pexal plant in the city of Alma (Quebec) from the insolvency procedure in which it had been since last August 2021.

The operation is part of the growth and investment strategy of METRA Group, controlled since July 2021 by the American Fund KPS, oriented to increase its production capacity and consolidate its presence and increasingly capillary service in North America. METRA Alma (this is the name of the new production unit) will produce more than 6,000 tons/year of aluminum extrusions for the American and Canadian markets at full capacity thanks to a 3,000-ton press that joins the 1,650-ton and 2,800-ton presses at the METRA Aluminium production site in Laval (Montreal) and the three presses (2,000, 2,200 and 2,750 tons) at the Profile Custom Extrusion production site in Georgia (USA).

“The operational management of METRA Alma will be provided by the METRA Laval team, led by Martin Gingras, with oversight from the broader METRA Group organization, which has facilities throughout Europe and North America,” said Enrico Zampedri, Group CEO. “METRA Alma will employ about 30 people to be joined to the 185 employees of METRA Aluminium in Canada, the 163 of Profile Extrusion in Georgia (USA), the 171 of Rustici in Montale (acquired in September 2021) and the 755 of the other Italian plants (Rodengo Saiano, Serravalle, Villafranca and Ragusa) for a total to date of about 1,300 employees. Our first commitment is to resume operations at Alma in the first days of January 2022, recovering relationships with former Pexal employees, suppliers and customers.

” Overall, the group’s 8 production sites house 13 extrusion presses with a production capacity of over 90,000 tons/year, 6 coating plants, 20 CNC machining centers and 4 welding lines. Thanks to the new acquisitions and to the market growth in 2021, METRA Group will close 2021 with over 380 Meuro in sales and an adjusted EBITDA of over 45 Meuro.