METRA’s environmental policy certified is ISO 14001:2015

METRA’s environmental policy certified is ISO 14001:2015

In May METRA obtained the coveted and rigorous ISO 14001: 2015 environmental certification, confirming itself as Premium Supplier of production chains with very high added value, such as automotive, railway, mechanical components and Building manned by excellent players and precursors of the most innovative technological and environmental solutions.

A prestigious guarantee of compliance with a dense system of criteria aimed at identifying and constantly mitigating impacts and risks, with the simultaneous adoption of internal best practices that certify the daily commitment to respect for the environment and the community.

Social and environmental responsibility is a target to be pursued every day, with capillary determination and planning, in order to guarantee increasingly high and transparent value, managerial and process systems for customers and all stakeholders in their business.

The release of this certification by the International Organization for Standardization – of which only a small number of companies in this field can boast – takes place following the stringent verification of compliance with an extremely selective procedure that analyzes the company in its decision-making as well as productive process.

Compliance with environmental requirements, indeed, is only the first of the elements examined. The release of the ISO 14001:2015 certification testifies, among others, the concrete commitment to society, the best use of natural resources used in the manufacturing process, the creation of more effective methods for managing environmental aspects, including a conscious involvement of the staff. A business strategy that respects the PDCA model (Plan, Do, Check, Act), structurally oriented to a constant raising of standards in a coherent, effective and, above all, sustainable way.

The pursuit of this certification is a fundamental goal of METRA’s Environmental Policy which, transparently, shares with its stakeholders, to guarantee a responsible business partnership.