METRA strengthens the international strategic development plan with KPS capital partners fund

New international development goals: METRA and KPS together

To achieve new ambitious international strategic development objectives, the shareholders of METRA signed an agreement for the transfer of the majority of the company’s shares to the American fund KPS Capital Partners. The Bertoli, Giacomelli, Marinelli and Zanetti families, shareholders of METRA since 1962, will retain 25% of the company’s capital. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021.

“We are excited about the partnership with KPS”, says METRA CEO Enrico Zampedri. “The transaction will allow us to face the challenges for the company’s international growth and development with even more energy. KPS has an established tradition of successful investment in the metallurgical sector and has always shown its ability to create value in this specific sector. Together we have shared objectives that have as cornerstones excellence and quality of products and customer service, features that have always distinguished METRA, with particular attention to the environment, health and safety of workers in accordance with the KPS tradition. The huge KPS’s financial resources and the opportunities coming from the Fund’s network will enable us to achieve our goal quickly”.

Pierre de Villeméjane, Partner of KPS Mid-Cap Investments declares: “We are very happy with the transaction with METRA, a leader in its sector with a success history and still many opportunities for development in different sectors and markets. Together with the shareholders families, the CEO and the whole METRA team, we will work to seize all the growth opportunities, which can be reached both thanks to the important investment made by the company in recent years, and thanks to those we will make in the structures and in the organization. METRA’s experience and industrial expertise, together with the KPS’s strategic, operational and financial resources from an ideal basis for future growth that will take place both internally and through a global acquisition strategy”.

KPS is an investment fund that manages assets worth $12,3 billion (as of 31/12/2020). For nearly 30 years, KPS partners have developed operations that have created value in manufacturing and industrial companies in numerous sectors. KPS works constructively with teams of talented managers to improve the strategic positioning and processes, competitiveness and profitability of industrial operations. The companies in the portfolio had revenues of $10.6 billion, with 159 plants in 22 countries and 34.000 employees. For every detail, visit the website